What OpenWorldz Offers:


 1: Rolling Region Restarts every 3 days. 

2: Viewer region Restarts function properly ( Inworld restarts)

3. Region backups done every 12 hours and stored offsite on multiple locations.

4. Complete Database backups done daily.

5. Server snapshot done weekly.

6. Website Profiles

7. Website Groups

8. Website IMs and also Emailed 

9. Website Proposals 

10. Live Chat box 

11. Members have the option to disable HG traffic on their region. (Request sent in to have disabled)

12.  Each OpenWorldz region is run in its own OpenSim instance in order to eliminate stability and security problems that can result from having multiple worlds share the same simulator.

13. Each region has the option for either X or Y Engine. (Standard is X, Request sent in to have changed to Y)

14. Each region has the option for either Bullet Physics or Ubit Physics (Standard is Bullet, Request sent in to change to Ubit)

15. Each region has the option for Tides and or Bird modules. (Standard is off , Request sent it for this option)